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Our customers tell us they are fed up paying hundreds of pounds for new glasses, often after being lured into a high street opticians with the promise of a great deal. They walk in expecting to pay £60, but that initial low price soon escalates upwards with expensive extras such as scratch resistant coatings, thinned lenses or expensive varifocal upgrades. They sometimes walk out the opticians having paid 2 or 3 times what they expected!

Here at The Joy of Specs we promote the best quality product at sensible prices, and we do not over-charge for upgrades. In fact most of our glasses are supplied with scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings as standard. We have a wide range of frame styles to choose from, from low cost ranges up to top end design brands, all fitted with top quality lenses.

So if you are considering a new pair of glasses, or need a sight test, then please come and visit us.